Black Swan

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I'm doing good. Pap test was normal and I just have that mild uti, which I would never have known about until the dr. notified me . I have noticed how I've been doing only 1 hour of hw a day and then I feel mentally exhausted to the point where I can't think.
I've noticed that bus drivers make $60,000 a year and with my BA, I would only make $25,000-30,000 yearly. Isn't that sad? I'm thinking of switching careers considering bus drivers make $35 an hour and my job would only make $10-20 am hour. It makes me upset that I went through college only to think of being a bus driver. My friend laughed but totally agreed. Why not switch and get full benefits and good pay? My life always has road blocks. I just want a good job for once .

Black Swan

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Pap results are not in yet, but the dr. said I have a slight urinary tract infection and to drink lots of water. She said I don't need medication and to make sure to drink a lot. Pap test should be back next week.

Black Swan

New apartment

I thought I would update real quick. Living in my new apartment is an amazing unrealistic experience. I don't have anyone to ever bother me and I can do whatever I want. I haven't ever experience this. I'm truly blessed!

Then, my nephew was born on Valentine's day!

I'm keeping a positive outlook on life because every day is a true blessing. I'm back to work tomorrow with classes at the university. I can't wait to graduate in June! I decided to look for full time work and focus on living life without the worries of hw

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The What Nots

I'm feeling the pressure of not working 23+ hours a week.  I'm only working 9-13 hours and I'm feeling it.  My checks are only $50 to start off with from our Winter vacation.  How pathetic is that?  I had to use my student loan to pay my bills for two months.  I'm just going to buckle down and find a full-time job or part-time near my new apartment. Even part-time works makes more income an hour than my job.

I've been packing and getting things together. My car broke down. There's something wrong with the engine, so Mark's friend is going to look at it. He will fix it just to get me to my field work site and home. I'm looking into either a mountain bike or a bmx bike to get me to the metrolink /montclair station, so I don't have to walk for hours.  I tried a mountain bike today at Walmart and it was SO HEAVY.  I can't imagine putting that bike onto a bus rack. My sister said the driver of a bus can help me.  But for the metrolink, I'll take my bike to school for Saturday's in the Spring because the metrolink drops me off by the 10 freeway and to get to the childcare center is far across campus. So, I already told the professor about me taking the metrolink. He knew how far Upland was and all about taking the train. So, he was grateful I told him about what's going on for April.

I wrote my academic advisor about what I need to do for graduation and I'm happy to say that I just need 1 more CLASS. YAY!
But I'm taking an administration course with it to get my student loan.  Plus, I need administration courses for my resume.  I'm so excited! I'm getting my BA DEGREE.  YAY.,..PARTY TIME!

To do list:
Tonight...Give my supervisor the information for a referral
Begin the outline process and introduction of Senior Seminar paper
Do 2 summaries of Scholarly Journals for Senior Seminar paper
Review Sunday for presentation on Tuesday evening
Start packing my car with boxes
Buy a bike from Walmart either Feb.1 or 2nd.
Talk to manager about where to store this bike of mine cause I don't want dirty carpets LOL
Get TAP pass with Foothill Transit

In the next few weeks:
Finish the application process for the hospital field practice site in Covina.
Go with Natalia to Pacific Oaks College to tour campus and apply for the MA program for Fall 2014.
Finish the application essays for MA program after I finish the Covina site application